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June 2021

Carter gave an excellent presentation of   his senior thesis, "Multiple Isotope Signatures of Microbial Ethene in Phosphate Starved Systems."  Congratulations, Carter!

May 2021

Sophie presented a poster of her WISP internship research at the annual Wetterhahn Science Symposium, which was held virtually this year. Nice work, Sophie!

April 2021

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 9.52.07 AM.png

Spring term has begun and the Leavitt Lab has nearly doubled in size with our awesome new team of WISP interns. Welcome Crystal Igwe, Emily Masuda, Katherine Takoudes, Maddy Spivak, and Sophie Cho!

February 2021

Happy winter from the Leavitt Lab! We took a break from Zoom for a socially-distanced skate at the outdoor ice rinks on campus. We're looking forward to when we can have all lab members back in the Hanover area for a more complete group skate!

February 2021

Alison has been making major progress on the construction of our new vacuum line. We'll be purifying methane in no time!

January 2021

Happy New Year from the Leavitt Lab Zoom Room! We were excited to welcome several new lab members and a couple of new puppies this past fall, and we look forward to continuing our research this winter!

August 2020

This fall, the Leavitt Lab will be welcoming two additional members: staff scientist Dr. Alison Piasecki  and M.S. student Laura Blum!

Also, two new Leavitt Lab publications are now available! Lina's second paper on clumped methane isotopes and the combinatorial effect is available from GCA here, and Alec's paper about the effects of environmental parameters on GDGT cyclization in S. acidocaldarius is available from Environmental Microbiology available here.

April 2020

Alec's paper is up on bioRxiv! Read about how environmental parameters affect lipid cyclization in S. acidocaldarius here.

The Leavitt Lab is also excited to announce that Dr. Jeemin Rhim will be joining us in the fall as a post-doctoral fellow through the Dartmouth Society of Fellows, as well as new PhD student Carrie Harris!

Finally, Leavitt Lab welcomed its first science pup. Meet Koji!

January 2020

Happy New Year from the Leavitt Lab!


Yujiao's stay with us sadly came to an end. We thank her for all of her hard work during 2019 and wish her luck defending her PhD this spring!

We welcome Maria, our new WISP intern who will be working with thermoacidophiles in the lab.


And finally, Lina's paper, "Microbial Methane From Methylphosphonate Isotopically Records Source" was published in Geophysical Research Letters. Read it here!

November 2019

Alice's paper, "Energy flux controls tetraether lipid cyclization in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius" was accepted to Environmental Microbiology.

Read it here!

October 2019

We've expanded our fruit-harvesting repertoire to include apples. Happy apple and leaf-peeping season all!

September 2019

The lab has moved back to its original digs in Steele Hall! We've been busy revamping our space and unpacking supplies. Here's Yujiao and Alec setting up the chemostat corner and Beverly and Alec standing in our new incubator aisle. Looking forward to getting the science restarted very soon!

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