Principle Investigator
William Leavitt 

Assistant Professor of Earth Science

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Curriculum Vitae
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Post-doctoral Scholars
Jeemin Rhim
Incoming Dartmouth Society of Fellows post-doctoral fellow Fall 2020
Graduate Students
Carrie Harris
PhD student
Laura Blum
M.S. student
We are currently recruiting graduate students. See our homepage for details!
Research Staff 
Beverly Chiu
Lab Manager & Research Assistant
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Undergraduate Students
Carter Boyd '21
Theodore Green '21
Öykü Mete '22
Alan Hicking
Visiting undergraduate from Keene State
Visiting Faculty
Jason Tor
Associate Professor of Microbiology
Hampshire College
Honorary Members
Former Members
Alec Cobban '19, Undergraduate senior thesis student, postgraduate research assistant
Maria Trevino '23, WISP intern
Yujiao Zhang, Visiting PhD student from the Chinese Academy of Science
Lina Taenzer, M.S. student
Alice Zhou, M.S. student
Cameron Buxton '19, Undergraduate student
Janel Gaube '18,  Undergraduate and senior thesis student
Emma Rieb '18, Undergraduate and senior thesis student
Melanie Prakash '21, Undergraduate student, WISP intern
Fiona Harrigian, Visiting undergraduate student from Wellesley College
Jennifer Howley, Lab Manager

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