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January 2019

Lina presented a poster at the 7th International Clumped Isotope Workshop aboard the Queen Mary in Los Angeles. Go Lina!

December 2018

Alec has begun his senior thesis experiments growing S. acidocaldarius in controlled batch cultures using the chemostats. We're looking forward to his results!

Additionally, Wil and Beverly's CSP New Investigator proposal, 'Identification of genes involved in Archaeal lipid cyclization,' was approved by JGI. Congrats!

November 2018

Lina took another trip to LA to work on the Panorama and measured more methane samples! Top: Lina working on the vacuum line. Bottom: Lina driving the Panorama.

September 2018

Greetings from Yellowstone National Park! Wil went sampling with our colleagues in the Boyd Lab and also met up with the EARS Stretchies to talk about geomicrobiology and geochemistry in the park!

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